About Trent

Lifelong Bulldog

I am a 1989 graduate of Grandville High School.  I enjoyed my Grandville experience immensely, participating in athletics, marching band, musicals, IMAGE, student government, and the business club. 

More importantly, Grandville was the springboard for my higher educational goals. I received my bachelor’s degree in political science from Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota and my law degree from The University of Michigan.

Grandville Parent

My three daughters have either graduated from or are presently attending Grandville Public Schools. My oldest daughter (Braylon) starts at The University of Michigan in Fall 2022. My middle (Erin) and youngest (Lane) daughters are entering their junior and freshman years at GHS.

I have found the teachers and administrators at Grandville to be extremely dedicated, supportive, helpful, and knowledgeable.  I have come to realize that, while there is no professional training required to become a parent, the Grandville teachers and administrators are professionally trained and better equipped than I am to educate my children.

Many issues which I have experienced for the first time as the parent of students are very familiar to and solvable by the Grandville staff. When we keep communication lines open and listen to each other, we make a good team.

Grandville Husband

My wife of 20 years, Wendy Taylor, has served as a substitute teacher for Grandville Public Schools from 2013 to the present day. Prior to that, Wendy taught for Grand Rapids Public Schools in both bilingual  (Spanish) and English as a Second Language (ESL) classrooms, then worked as an immigration law professional for The United Methodist Church and the Diocese of Grand Rapids. In addition to subbing at Grandville, she is a wildlife rehabilitation volunteer and photographer for families, high school seniors, and GHS and other athletic teams. 

Wendy is a graduate of City High School, Aquinas College, and Grand Valley State University.

Grandville Son

My father, Dr. Joseph Taylor, served four terms on the Grandville School Board from 1977-1993. Dad was a physician in the United States Air Force, then practiced pediatrics in Grand Rapids and Grandville for 45 years, founding what is now known as ABC Pediatrics. 85 years young, he presently serves on the City of Walker Planning Commission.

My mother, Janet Taylor, was a high school biology teacher (Birmingham, MI), Cummings Elementary room mother, fearless GHS marching band camp chaperone, and one of the founders of the IMAGE program at Grandville Public Schools. Mom passed away in 2018.

All four of my parents’ children (Tracey – class of 1981, Tammy – class of 1984, Mary – class of 1985 and me) have attended and graduated from Grandville Public Schools.

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