Why I’m running

Above all, I want to give back to the school district that provided a solid foundation for my undergraduate, law school, and professional success.  Grandville Public Schools is one of the gems of our community, historically punching above its weight versus districts in more affluent West Michigan communities.  We need to keep a good thing going, while at the same time seek opportunities for improvement.

PROVIDE SUPPORT Our public school students, teachers, and administrators are under attack on more fronts today than at any other time in recent history.  Longstanding student concerns of bullying and peer pressure have only been exacerbated by current day issues of social media, the COVID crisis, and the widening political divide in our country.  Teachers and administrators must spend valuable time addressing these issues, rather than focusing on the education of our children.  Everyone involved – students, teachers, and administrators (not to mention parents and taxpayers) — needs reasonable and hard-working people to listen to them, support them, and effect change where necessary and appropriate.

RAISE GRANDVILLE PROFILE  I consider Grandville Public Schools to be one of the elite school systems in West Michigan.  How do we take the next step to become elite on an even larger stage?  Let’s roll up our sleeves and talk about it.

EMBRACE DIVERSITY  Both the Grandville community and our country as a whole are far more diverse today than when I and many other taxpayers went to school.  In order to address COVID, social media, safety, and other challenges to which we and our children are subject, we need to get to know, embrace, listen to, and respect those different from ourselves, regardless of whether those differences are based on race, gender, orientation, religion or even politics.  In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “(a) house divided against itself, cannot stand.”

In recent years, it seems that many of us have forgotten that the personal freedoms which we enjoy as Americans should be accompanied by the duty to look out for our neighbors. We should set an example for our children by acting as socially responsible adults.

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